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Our Mission

  • Resident of Mary Mediatrix Village, Burauen, Leyte, Jan. 2015
  • A group of CCST and CRS volunteers in the field.
    Completion of well, San Antonito, GT, 2008.
  • A painted portrait of Pope Francis
    Pope Francis, by Pavol Olsavsky from Holy Family Parish.
  • CRS banner in New Brunswick, NJ, 2014.

“God’s world is a world where everyone feels responsible for the other, for the good of the other.  This evening, in reflection, fasting and prayer, each of us deep down should ask ourselves: Is this really the world that I desire? Is this really the world that we all carry in our hearts? Is the world that we want really a world of harmony and peace, in ourselves, in our relations with others, in families, in cities, in and between nations?”

Pope Francis, Sept. 7, 2013

Catholic Charities Solidarity Team is an international and social justice program of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Metuchen, applying programs and initiatives from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Through the time, talent and financial support of volunteers in the diocesan community, including staff members from Catholic Charities, the Catholic Charities Solidarity Team strives to:

  • alleviate suffering that results from natural disasters or human willfulness
  • nurture vulnerable people in seeking solutions to poverty and exclusion
  • address injustices which exploit the poor, both at the source of the injustice and more widely
  • witness to relational kindness and compassion, as a countercultural response to narcissism and aggression
  • provide relief to the hungry in the Diocese of Metuchen and in selected areas throughout the world
  • serve the people of the Metuchen Diocese, through regular prayer and education, to fulfill their moral responsibility in tending to human suffering and its causes, along with the promotion of an integral vision of social justice.

Catholic Charities Solidarity Team is guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.  Many see service on CCST as their primary ministry within the church.