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CCHD National Grants

"Against the current position, which holds that the salvation of the poor (some of them) will come about only as an overflow or a redundancy of the health of the economic system, the mission of Jesus (and therefore the Christian mission) proclaims that the salvation of the non-poor will come about only through participation in the salvation of the poor. Nowadays that sounds ridiculous."    -- Pedro Trigo, SJ


Catholic Charities Solidarity Team facilitates inquiries and applications for national Catholic Campaign for Human Development grants.  National grants fall into three categories:

  1. Community development
  2. Economic development
  3. Strategic national grants

Please visit the CCHD grants page of the USCCB national CCHD office for more information.

The Metuchen Diocese is grateful to have had several groups receive national funding in recent years.  In the economic development category, our most prominent recipient has been The Intersect Fund, founded in 2008, as an innovative entrepreneurial facilitator for low-income people who wish to start their own business.  Nearly 70 jobs were created through Intersect Fund assistance in the diocese in their first five years of existence. The Intersect Fund has a New Brunswick office at 109 Church Street, and you can contact them for more information at 732-917-0815.

In the community organization area, the congregation-based community organizing group Faith in New Jersey (formerly known as PICO New Jersey and still part of the national PICO network) is working the third year of a national grant in Metuchen to form an interfaith federation in the Greater Middlesex County area.  More than 20 clergy gathered in June and again in July 2016 to constitute a steering committee for a countywide, multi-faith organization working to promote racial, economic and political inclusion for families and communities across the region.  Several CCST members and/or local Catholics sit on the Faith in New Jersey board.

Archange Antoine heads the efforts in the territory of the Metuchen Diocese, and he can be reached at: